Rikki Kusy, CEO

Rikki is an Aesthetician licensed in Arizona and California and a Certified Laser Technician. She graduated summa cum laude from the ASU College of Education and Barrett Honor's College and has over 25 years experience in training and education.
She has worked with several prominent Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons in Arizona who have referred their patients to her for skin rejuvenation, pre & post surgery care and laser procedures. She is a highly regarded trainer and includes Lancer Dermatology in Beverly Hills, California, & PCA Skin in Scottsdale, Arizona among her list of clients.
Rikki has created a one of a kind training program that is comprehensive and hands-on. She has taught students across the United States & Canada as well as DermaplanePro Trainers & Distributors in the US, Ireland and Australia using this program.
She is Founder and President of Arizona Aesthetics Association (AzAA) - a non-profit association dedicated to providing continuing education and networking opportunities to professionals in the aesthetics industry in Arizona. Visit www.AzAAOnline.com to learn more.
Her articles on dermaplaning have been published in industry trade journals. You can read all articles on the What's New page. She lives in South Lake Tahoe, California.

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